Take your Small Business to the Next Level with Reltigo Products..!

Reltigo ERP makes a chance for all small business owners the ability to see the big picture and envision what their success will look like tomorrow.

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Why Reltigo ERP is good for business ??

Realtime Business Growth

Right from negotiating business deals to raising sales orders and invoicing, Reltigo ERP handles tedious accounting tasks so you can focus on your business growth.

Cloud Online Accounting

With Reltigo ERP have 24×7 access to your financial data wherever you go. Access and manage your books from your laptop, computer, tablet or smartphone anytime you choose.

Data Security

Reltigo ERP uses advanced, industry-recognized multi-layered security measures to keep all of your data protected. Best of all, your information is automatically backed up.

Small Business

How Reltigo ERP makes life easier for small businesses with affordable software solutions ?

  • Get paid faster with reltigo’s professional and customized invoicing template. Create the best Invoices with Reltigo Ready-To-Create Personalized Invoicing Feature.
  • Collaborate with your accountant, bookkeeper and staff in real time from anywhere – and control their level of access.
  • No drive up the wall to search for the lost bills. Store your bills online and access it anywhere, anytime with reltigo.
  • Upload bills from your suppliers to the system and never loose the document. As everything stored online in the cloud, you can access your bills at any time.

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Is Reltigo’s online retail accounting software helps you to run your shop more efficiently?

  • See up-to-date cash flow from anywhere and save hours on admin.
  • Now reconcile your Bank transaction with the Cheque / RTGS / NEFT bank payments recorded in the system and Reduce manual data entry.
  • Seamlessly link your bank account with our Bank accounting software. Stay connected from your phone with the mobile accounting app.
  • No more Manual Reminders for the credits they have to repay. The automated invoice reminders of POPS invoicing feature does it for you.

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Want to Spend less time on finances & more time on gratifying your customers ?

  • Reltigo ERP eliminates the chances of stock-outs by deploying low stock alerts and notifications which increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your operations.
  • Stay in touch with the clear-cut real-time dynamic Hospitality reports at your finger tips on our custom dashboards.
  • Easily track of inventory and stock.
  • Sync Reltigo with our Software apps for point of sale, inventory, CRM and more.

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Spend more time to serve your customers, We’re there to streamline your cafe finances.

  • Keep control of stock with inventory management from Reltigo ERP. Get instant notifications of low-stock alert.
  • Share information in real time with your accountant or bookkeeper from wherever you are.
  • Reltigo’s real-time tracking help you and your team to manage expenses all the time.
  • No more Manual Entry for the bills. Reltigo application keeps you updated with landed costs and allow you to share the documents online.

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How Reltigo ERP can transform your Automobile business?

  • Keep tabs on stock quantity and value.
  • Create and send professional, customized invoicing quotes in minutes on the go, from wherever you are.
  • Keep track of your business progress with custom-made, smart financial reports to suit your business.
  • Sync Reltigo with featured software applications, including inventory, CRM and many more.
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Want to know how Reltigo ERP can transform your Startup?

  • Manage your finances on the go from anywhere with the mobile accounting app.
  • Understand your financiers better with the business performance dashboard, so you can make informed decisions.
  • Include Reltigo ERP seamlessly with reltigo books, CRM, Inventory and Banking suites and many more for daily startup chores.
  • Add staff or your accountant to view your data at the same time – and power their access level.

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