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No more Manual Entry for the bills. Reltigo application keeps you updated with landed costs and allow you to share the Bill Online

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  • Convert Purchase to Bill: Save your time and improve your Business efficiency by setting up purchase bills. You can create Bills right after Purchase Orders are finalized with a click of a button.

  • Repeat and Replicate Bills: Setup your Bills that keep recurring for as long as you choose. From a single Purchase Order, you can create multiple Bills as and when you receive the Inventory items.

  • Upload Bills At Any Time: Upload Bills from your suppliers to the system and never lose the document. As everything stored Online in the Cloud, you can access your Bills at any time, from anywhere.

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Features Picked-Up specially For you

Create Invoice in The Form Of Informative Document and Present to Your Customers

Stack The Deck

Stack The Deck

Don’t want to create confusion for your vendor? Associate the customer’s Pre-Order Details in the vendor’s bills directly with Reltigo with a single click. Automatic invoice reports are generated for the customer.

Purchase order to Bill conversion

Purchase order to Bill

No need to undergo the long process to convert the purchase order to Bill. Finalize the purchase order and the Bill will be created for you with just a single click with our online software.

Vendor credits

Vendor credits

Returned items? Want to keep a record of the vendor credit? Don’t worry, the Reltigo software will do it for you. The recorded Vendor Credits will be available until you reuse or get the refund of the credit.

 Combine Vendors Bills

Combine Vendors Bills

Pay multiple bills in a single transaction and save your valuable time. Just Combine the Bills and schedule the payment and the software will pay all your vendors at once with Reltigo.

Due Bills Payment

Due Bills Payment

The Reltigo Online Bill payment application provides you with One Dashboard for all your Due Bills. Pay the vendors with just a click. Once the payment is done software updates it automatically.

Store bills Online

Store bills Online

No drive up the wall to search lost Bills. Store the Bills Online with Reltigo and Access it Anytime Anywhere with just a click. Download, refer, send with Online Bill Payment application, as per your wish.

“Online Bill Payment: Simple To Understand – Simple To Use”

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