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What are the requirements to get started with Reltigo?

Ans : Reltigo an online cloud accounting software solution provider. So all you will need is a computer, internet connectivity, and a browser to access Reltigo.

Will you ask my credit card information when I sign up?

Ans : No, when you sign up all you need to give us is a valid email address. Only when you subscribe to Reltigo you will be asked for your credit card details.

How many days is FREE trail offering with Reltigo Cloud Accounting Application?

Ans : Reltigo offering 15 days FREE trail with all its accounting applications. There are no restrictions on your usage, You have access to all the features of Reltigo

I’m looking for migration, will you help me?

Ans : Absolutely, write to [email protected] and our support team will be in touch with you soon and help you in migration.

Is my data secure with Reltigo?

Ans : Reltigo ERP uses advanced, industry-recognized multi-layered security measures to keep all of your data protected. Best of all, your information is automatically backed up.

Do you offer any customization with Reltigo?

Ans : Currently, We do not offer any kind of customizations to our software applications. Stay tuned to get more updates on this feature.

Do I need my accountant’s help to create an account in Reltigo?

Ans : No, you can create an account by yourself and add your accountant as a user to work with you on your accounting with the help of our Reltigo User Access Management feature.

Is Reltigo built specifically for any domain?

Ans : Reltigo can be used by all small businesses, freelancers and service providers irrespective of the domain or geography.

I need a demo, how do I schedule one?

Ans : We will be glad to schedule one for you. Fill in your contact information here

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