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  • Reduce Record Entry Time: Setup your Inventory application with key informations like SKU, Cost Entry, Opening Stock. Spend less time on record entry by setting up the things you buy and sell regularly.

  • Customize Pricing On The Go: Quickly change the pricing of any Inventory products. See how much profit you’re making, and use this information to make the right decisions about what to order and how to price it.

  • Track and Organize Inventory: Keep an eye on your Inventory Stock Levels right from record entry to your system. Track the Stock fulfillment of all the projects you handle and update the system.

  • Refill Reminders: Reltigo let you keep track of all the stock levels and values on a day to day basis. Effortlessly get reminder notifications about stock when you need to Re-Order the items.

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Control Your Stock With Our Inventory Accounting Suite

Backup & Restore Data

Backup and restore data

The Reltigo Inventory Management application maintains your data safely and store it secured within the system’s database. Get Completely Risk-Free with our Periodic Backups to tape.

Professional & Tailored invoices

Professional & invoices

Reltigo Inventory Application hunt on all the Professional Invoice Document with clear-cut designs, We aim to impress you and your customers with customized and colorful invoices format.

Stock adjustments

Stock adjustments

Our software let you filter all the stock related reports with fully automated replenishment. Increase & Decrease stock levels of new products, sales orders & more adjustments with our Inventory Software

Barcode scanning

Barcode scanning

Save time and improve the accuracy of your Small Business Inventory System with the Reltigo Software tool kit. Search the items easily with our Barcode to Ease Purchase and Sales Orders.

Email Reports

Email Reports

Save, print or Email Invoice Bills as PDF documents with a blink of an eye with the best Inventory Management Software email integration. Make your tasks ease with email reports.

POS Invoicing

POS Invoicing

We Offer you fully integrated POS Invoicing Systems with the best Inventory Management Software. Seamlessly sync your physical sales to obtain relevant Accounting documents automatically generated.

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