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The Reltigo Application is designed for your benefits, for your comfort. The most Secured Invoices at your fingertips. Create Impressive Personalized Invoices for your customer and generate reports which can be accessed online.

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  • Personalized Invoices: We have included all the best features in our software to make your invoicing the most pleasant experience. Create the best Invoices with Reltigo Ready-To-Create Personalized Invoicing Feature.

  • Generate Reports: The Built-In Report Generating Feature allow us to create reports based on Date, Time, Investment, Returns, Profit, Loss etc. Create the reports to compare the performance of your business & implement new strategy.

  • Invoice Delivery in Multi-Form: Reltigo Application designed with Multichannel Invoice Delivery System allow us to create the invoice and send it through multiple channels such as SMS, Email or Hard copy – whichever is suitable for us.

  • Easy Payment: The simplified version of invoicing application provides the customer with multiple payment options. The customer can pay them directly through the Invoice which is directly linked to your Business Bank Account.

Reltigo - Invoicing Application Software
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Integrated Invoice

Integrated Invoice

The accounting application has linked all the features which makes the Invoicing faster. The Integrated Invoicing makes sure that the Invoice is generated once the bill is issued. Generate Invoice reports in no time.

No Missed Payments

No Missed Payments

The automatic Payment reminders assures that Customers Pay you on Time. The application is designed with the timer which reminds the customer with the pending payments & provide easy payments options.

Secure Invoicing

Secure Invoicing

Reltigo application gives you 100% Security with Invoicing. Send your Invoice within the application securely without any risk of data misplace. The data is safe with us and we take this issue very seriously.

Online Invoice Access

Online Invoice Access

Need to view the generated Invoice but don’t have system? No issues. Access the Invoice Online & track your Invoice anytime, anywhere. Download the Free Reltigo application in your mobile.

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