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The Accounting Application is bundled with top-notch features enhancing the remarkable Business growth. Customize your Sales Order with Online Accounting Suite which provides online access, fast and easy approvals and many more.

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  • Track Sales Orders: Time to say good-bye to complicated sales Order Tracking, our tool puts you in Control of Your Inventory with a perfect listing of all incoming orders from multiple channels.

  • Manage Orders: Effortlessly initiate orders and Manage the Entire Order Flow with Reltigo Inventory tool. Generate the Invoices only for the orders got delivered.

  • Organize Orders: Classify and Organize all the Orders according to the projects. Our Inventory management software for small Business showcases the best way to track the Stock fulfillment level of any project.

  • GST compliance: We’ve added all the features you’ll need to make sure your Business becomes and stays with GST-compliant. For Smooth and Efficient GST Billing Experience get updated with bills of Inventory software.

Reltigo - Sales Orders Management Application
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Focus On Business Growth – We have Solution for you

Target Oriented

Target Oriented

Plan the targets and accomplish it On Time with the Target-Oriented Application – Reltigo. This tool guides you through the necessary steps to achieve the goals. It also gives you pop – Up reminders about the targets set.

Online Accessible

Online Accessible

Access the Application Online & make the required changes in the Sales Order. No need to carry your system, Update the Sales Order in Mobile or tablet or laptop easily. Take the access from the admin & start working.

Readily Available Insights

Readily Available Insights

No need to follow the long procedure to generate the Sales Order insights. Just a single click and your insights are ready. You can compare the insights based on the elements of the Sales Order.

Real Time Monitoring

Real-Time Monitoring

The Application is suitable for any company size. Monitor the Sales Order on real time with the tool. Process & fulfill the orders easily based on the Real-Time Monitoring which makes the procedure reliable & faster.

“Reach Your Goals Faster With Our Reltigo Application. Past Performance Is A Guarantee Of Future Success.”

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