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About iMedic Healthcare Application

Our Technology built for Doctors, loved by Patients with collaborative healthcare solutions.

iMedic is dedicated to making routine visits easier and more convenient — both for the doctors and the patients. We make it possible for doctors & patients to chat in real-time with some of the world’s leading practitioners through computers, smartphones or tablets.

Connecting Patients to Exceptional Virtual Care!

Secure video appointments

iMedic Virtual care allows doctors and patients to have secure video appointments from any location.

Appointment Scheduler

Organize your clinic and telemedicine bookings with this highly intuitive APPOINTMENT SCHEDULER of iMedic.

Take your practice on-the-go

iMedic mobile apps for both providers and patients making it convenient for you to manage your patients and practice on the go.

Patient Notifications

Once an appointment is scheduled, patients automatically receive text messages and emails every time a scheduled visit approaches.

Reltigo's iMedic Healthcare Application Collaborative Healthcare Application Benefits

Engage more effectively

Engage more effectively

Engage more effectively

Engage better with your patient community; attend people around the world, anytime, anywhere; flourish globally. iMedic Application permits to communicate better with your clients through a branded Client Portal.

Works on all devices

Works on all devices

Works on all devices

Accessible from everywhere; your desktop, tablet & smartphone. iMedic web and mobile application for health providers and organizations to engage with patients and manage their business.

Secure & Safe Application

Secure & Safe Application

Safe and Secure

iMedic is committed to maintaining complete privacy between healthcare providers and their clients. Our security protocols are among the most stringent in the global healthcare industry.

How it works

With iMedic, offering virtual care to your patients is easy. Here’s how it works:


Requests on-demand consultation with a doctor(video, audio or text).


Serves the patient’s needs online via the chosen channel.

Platform Admin

Administers all appointments & transactions happenings via the platform.

Looking for Business Growth?

Automate your Business Management Process with us.

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